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My Business How to change user account password?
Password change is under My Business Setting menu and it is recommended to change password every three month to keep your account more secure.... Read more...
2013-10-30 0 13
Account Receivable How to create Account Receivable Invoice?
Selling product or service is the major function in your business. Nimbus Accounting AR Invoice will help you to smooth the sales process. ... Read more...
2013-10-15 0 48
Account Receivable Delete Account Receivable Invoice.
You can delete AR Invoices if Invoice date is in Open Financial Year period and if that invoice is not been paid. If invoice is been paid then payment receipt has to be canceled first.... Read more...
2013-10-13 0 60
Account Receivable I need to print Invoice with my company Logo.
Yes, you can print invoices with you company logo. For this please contact Nimbus Support Team (support@nimbusaccounts.com).... Read more...
2013-10-03 0 158
Account Payable How can I edit or delete payment voucher if I have made the wrong entry?
After clicking "Finished" button in New Expense Claim page, system will generate Voucher number and payment will be deducted from Bank / Petty Cash account. After this process happened, system will not allow to edit voucher. But, if you realize, you have made a mistake in the voucher after completing it, you may Cancel or Delete that voucher.... Read more...
2013-10-03 0 39
Account Receivable Print Customer Statements with ageing
Customer Statement will list down all the transactions which are not fully paid, that you made with your customer. This is a printable output that you can send to your customer as a reminder with outstanding ageing. The statement will get update in real time when there is an Account Receivable transaction happen.... Read more...
2013-10-03 0 105
General Nimbus Accounting Sub Ledger structure
Nimbus Accounting Ledger is consisted of 5 Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA) modules. All these SLA accounting entries are collected to General Ledger before producing Trail Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.... Read more...
2013-10-03 0 64
General Create New Business Account in Nimbus Accounting System.
When creating new account, it is important to select the country where your business is running. According to the country, system will automatically select your business currency. Ex: If you select Singapore, your business currency will be Singapore Dollar.... Read more...
2013-08-07 0 11